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DAYMAKER LIGHTS, ride on the bright side!

Harley-Davidson® Daymaker™ Lamps are a recently introduced new product to the ever growing range of upgrades and accessories. Needless to say, we believe they are so good, once you experience them you won't want to go back to your old lights!

It's difficult trying to describe in text what difference these lights make (come and experience them in the dealership today) so we've put together this page which will hopefully give you all the information you will need to make an informed decision, we've left out any technical terminology (our Technicians will be only top pleased to run through them with you!) we've tried to give you an idea of the differnce they make by using images, and we have an independent review from a fellow HOG® rider so hopefully you can get an idea of just why we believe these really are a must have for your bike.

See below for more details and a review....


Be seen, Be safe.... Even in daylight with the Daymaker


Daymaker™ LED reflector lamps - Be Safe, Be Seen........


If you like to ride long into the night and to have maximum visibility in the day then the new LED lights are a must-have item for your Harley-Davidson®  Released back in September, so there has been a few months to test the new bulbs and there are some great things being said!

One extremely happy customer was Mick Green, assistant director of the 1066 H.O.G.® chapter. After overhearing some great reviews, he decided to try the upgrade for himself.

“I was intrigued to see what difference the new H-D lamp would make. To put it simply it’s like riding in the day! Funny that, as they call this new lamp the ‘Daymaker™’. In my experience, it’s not often that you find a product that actually does what it says on the tin! I would go so far as to say that it’s probably the best enhancement I’ve made to a bike!”

Even with the days now getting longer, you can still make excellent use of the Daymaker™ LED reflector lamps. As all Harley lights stay on permanently for added safety, make yourself even more visible with these spectacularly bright additions.

Editor of the 1066 newsletter, Emeritus is also a fan. He says:  “I would make this the first change on any Harley® I buy – it’s a truly amazing product. And you can take it with you when you change your bike!”


The DOT and ECE approved LED light produces a daylight colour for superior visibility and focuses light exactly where you need it to provide:

1 – Clarity and direction of beam

Many other lamps waste light energy when the beam bounces off in directions that are useless to the rider i.e. up to the sky. The new LED lights pack a stronger and more direct punch!

2 – Superior visibility and depth of light

These brilliant LED lamps produce a bright-white beam that lights up the surroundings and draws the attention of surrounding traffic.

3 – Daylight effect

The natural “daylight” lamp colour is easy on your eyes and is “tuned” to enhance and amplify the reflective character of highway signs and lane markers.

4 – Easy installation

The installation process is simple. The long-life, solid-state LED lamps are housed in sealed shock and vibration-resistant lamp assemblies that mount into the existing light housing. The plug-in lamps require no external ballast or complicated rewiring.

As each bulb lasts over 40,000 hours, they’re a sound investment which last and last! the Daymaker can be retro fitted to many models so if you are interested in upgrading yours give Adam or Amy a call on 01708 697830or EMAIL us and we’ll get back to you



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