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Mon, 12 May 2014

Why choose genuine H-D® Tyres?


The best rubber for your metal - Tread carefully  


When your tyres are the only things keeping  you on the open road, it’s important to ensure that they are fit for purpose and optimised to fit your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle. We’ve teamed up with Dunlop and Michelin to ensure our legendary motorcycles have tyres to match.

Our tyres are tested for thousands of hours on Harley-Davidson® motorcycles in extreme riding conditions to ensure that you have complete reassurance no matter how long your ride is. And, even if there is a sudden downpour, you can ride safe in the knowledge that your Genuine Harley-Davidson® Tyres meet the most demanding wet grip requirements.


Here are our top tips to ensure you get the best from your rubber:

1.       Check your tyre pressure

If your motorcycle starts to feel heavy at the front, is harder to steer, or squirms around at the back it may mean that your tyre pressures are low. Check your pressure before every journey to keep on top of any small changes – and be sure to top them up regularly.  Under inflation can affect your bikes handling, overheat the tyre and cause an unnecessary blow out and a blow out will surely spoil your day! ***

2.       Taking a pillion?

Riding two-up puts more weight onto the tyres, which will wear them out quicker. We know that our partners’ safety relies on us as riders, so make sure you are both safe by checking the sidewalls for signs of cracking.

3.       Invest in a tyre gauge

Our tyres are fitted with depth bar indicators, which will tell you when they are on their limit. However, it’s worth getting into the habit of checking your tread depth before any long journey to ensure that your tyres have the tread depth to work as effectively as they were intended to and keep you safe.

4.       Fit for purpose

Our bikes are built of Milwaukee Iron, this means that only certain tyres are strong enough and have reinforced sidewalls to keep you and your loved one safe.  Just because a tyre is round and black doesn’t mean that it will have the strong walls required to keep you on the road. Only the best is good enough for you and your Harley®.

5.       Keep an eye out for our brand name 

You know you’re getting the factory tested and Milwaukee approved real thing when you see the bold Harley-Davidson® script on the sidewall of the tyre on both the Dunlop and the Michelin tyre series. Many tyre companies make a standard tyre and then create a fitment for a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle. With our Genuine Tyres, you will be sure that these have been specially designed and tested for your pride and joy.

6.       Your Safety is priceless

We know the safety of you and your pillion is priceless, so we ensure our tyres are the most rigorously tested on the market, ridden for tens of thousands of hours on Harley-Davidson® motorcycles in varying riding conditions. We test them in all weathers, over a wide variety of road surfaces to the point of destruction so that whatever you ride into, we have most likely been there dozens of times before. Only when it meets every one of our criteria for safety, handling, comfort and wear will it be good enough for your bike.


Make sure you are ready for the ride and come and have a chat with us here about some brand new Genuine Harley-Davidson tyres at their new reduced price! Call Mel or Sean on 01708 805005 for a price which includes removal and disposal of your old tyre, fitting & balancing of your new tyre and of course VAT, all carried out by a Grade 9 H-D® Factory Trained Technician.


Value for money? - When comparing, make sure it’s like for like… Is it a genuine H-D® Michelin or Dunlop (look for the H-D® logo on the sidewall of the tyre) Does the price include removal and re-fitting of the wheel (does the fitter know what the correct drive belt tension is once the wheel is re-fitted?) Does the price include balancing, valve, disposal of your old tyre and VAT? – Of course some tyres will no doubt be cheaper, but, what price would you put on your safety, Fit Genuine H-D® Tyres as made specifically for your bike and you know you have the very best in safety, longevity and handling


*** If you’re not sure what your tyre pressure should be or are unsure of how to check, pop into the dealership and see Mel or Sean and we’ll get Richard or John (our Grade 9 Technicians) to guide you through “how to”


For more information and to book online, check out our GENUINE H-D TYRE PAGE

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