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Mon, 24 Nov 2014

Oil and filters: Generic vs Genuine

Oil and filters: Generic vs Genuine


With the mercury dipping to single-digit temperatures during the winter months, your motorcycle’s oil and filters take on more importance than you might think.

When changing your oil and filters for winter storage, you might be tempted to grab an off-the-shelf brand. But that’s not doing your Harley® any favours. Harley-Davidson® Oils are specifically designed, formulated and tested for your motorcycle.

The additives of most off-the-shelf brands are generic in nature and so they’re not optimised for any one type of motorcycle. These oils are formulated to meet the minimum requirements of multiple makes and models. Our additives give your oil the specific qualities that meet the demands of your engine. You can be sure that if your bottle says Harley-Davidson, it’s just what your bike needs.

Harley-Davidson® oil is designed, formulated and tested to meet the powertrain’s unique demands. Being formulated for example to maintain oil stability at high temperature ranges and holding viscosity under heavy loads as a result of two-up riding, all of which means more protection for your bike.

Then, it is tested to the extremes, always ensuring superior performance. Off-the-shelf brands might be tested on a ball bearing, but the true test is running oil through the powertrain. Our oil is road tested for hundreds of thousands of miles before hitting the road in real-world riding situations, and under severe conditions.

Like our oil, Harley-Davidson® SuperPremium5™ filters capture 98.5% of contaminants as small as five microns, and are designed just for your bike. Did you know that Harley® engines run with a lower oil film thickness and need finer filtration? Most off-the-shelf filters just don’t offer this.

Our filters are tested for millions of miles using a unique construction of better materials and remove more five-micron contaminants than most other off-the-shelf filters, so your oil is cleaner for longer.

Ask in dealership for more details or speak to our parts guys on 01708 805005.

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