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Fri, 16 Jan 2015

It shouldn't be a stretch to ride a Harley-Davidson®

It shouldn't be a stretch to ride a Harley-Davidson®


At Lakeside Harley-Davidson®, we don't believe it's a case of you fitting a motorcycle, or finding one that fits you. Dreams shouldn't be restricted by logistics and practicalities and your dream Harley is no different - luckily, we're confident that we can make any motorcycle from our range perfect for you!

Think your Harley® or the one you’re considering is too big for you? Think again, it’s just about getting the fit right. So if you’ve bought a new ride ahead of the season, or you found you weren’t as comfortable as you could have been last year, why not get your ride ready so you can take full advantage when the season peaks? The winter period is the perfect time to prep your ride for longer riding hours when the sun finally shines.

Are you sitting comfortably?

Fit Shop is a one-stop shop where you can try a host of different accessories to ensure you and your pride and joy are completely compatible, to provide maximum comfort and therefore more time out on the open road.  

Why is it important?

The perfect fit is essential to your riding comfort, some common problem areas that Fit Shop can help include:


Lower back pain can result from your seat, foot or handlebar position - or a combination of all three! With Fit Shop, you can adjust these components to arrive at the right combination.

Balancing on your toes

Not being able to plant your feet solidly on the ground when stationary can be a safety hazard and will leave you feeling less than totally in control. A lower centre of mass, achieved by lowering your seat height and suspension can correct this.

Knees too high

A cramped riding position puts unnecessary strain on your knees, hips, feet and back. Testing different seats that move your body forward or backward will help you find your most comfortable position.

Tired hands

A grip diameter that doesn't match the size of your hands can be extremely wearing, particularly on long rides.

Overextended reach

Stretching too far to reach the handlebar can adversely affect your shoulders, neck, arms and back. It can also make handling a bike properly in tight spaces pretty tough! With Fit Shop, you can try a range of seat and handlebar combinations to find the perfect one for your frame.

But don't listen to us, climb aboard our Fit Shop vehicle and allow our trained experts find the perfect fit for you - you've nothing to lose! Well, except the back pain...

If you woulf like to know more call Jason or Shaun on 01708 805 005.

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