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Mon, 30 Mar 2015

Are you ready?

Are you ready to discover more?


Have you booked your 2015 touring trip? About to? Or maybe you haven’t quite nailed down the details yet, but are having lots of fun dreaming up the details.

This year many of us will head out and discover more, the best way we know how…on two wheels. We’ll cover miles and miles, discover new routes and the best places to stop and watch the world go by along the way. But before the escape can commence, there’s some reality to be taken care of… These epic trips take some serious planning and unfortunately, if you’re light on preparation then your dream ride can soon sour to a soggy, aching nightmare!

Ensuring both you and your ride are ready for the big miles will pay off dividends when out on the road. The weather should be your ultimate consideration. Where are you going? Is it likely to be hot, cold, wet or dry? When you’re hammering out the mega-miles, any repetitive condition can become uncomfortable (yes, even brilliant sunshine!)

If it’s going to be cold, there are many different options to keep you warm and protected, we recommend layering up so you can adapt to changing weather conditions and temperatures easily. Our packable rain suits are also handy to have around as they don’t take up much room and can be easily thrown on top of your usual functional gear at any given moment.

We have a range of gloves that are designed and suited for differing conditions. From mesh gloves that allow airflow to keep you cool in summer while keeping your hands protected, or designs suited to colder climates, because cold fingers can be dangerous and unresponsive, as well as harbouring the power to ruin even the best of rides!

If you’re headed somewhere sunny and want to keep cool and protected simultaneously, then Harley-Davidson® Triple Vent System™ technology is key.

Three strategically placed vents on each side of the jackets allow for dozens of customisable airflow options to significantly enhance your comfort. Available in leather and textile options for men and women.

Touring on a motorcycle can often mean limited storage – make the most of your panniers, saddlebags and racks using H-D® shrink sacks. These durable bags will hold your possessions tightly, with enough squeeze to provide room for much more than you imagined. What’s more, they’re also waterproof, so you can ensure your limited clothing supplies are protected against any unexpected elements.

Want to go touring but don’t have a touring motorcycle? No problem. We’re confident we can get any bike ‘tour-ready’ with the options available in our extensive Parts and Accessories catalogue by focusing on five key areas:

1)      Fit: visit the Fit Shop to make sure your seat, handlebars and other components are right for you.

2)      Function: adding a windscreen can really help with buffeting when you’re on the road for hours at a time and our EU-ready Sat Navs are great when heading into the unknown. Saddlebags, racks and panniers speak for themselves!

3)      Performance: Engine upgrades can be particularly useful for unlocking extra power to deal with luggage demands or riding two-up.

4)      Style: how do you want your Harley® to look?

5)      Maintenance: look after your ride after she’s been out for an extended amount of time with our cleaning products, battery chargers and more.


The type of gear that is right for you will depend on personal choice, the length of your journey and the weather conditions. We have multiple options to suit your needs, ask in dealership to see which option suits you best and to ensure nothing stands between you and touring the open road this year!

Contact us at Lakeside Harley-Davidson on 01708 805 005 for more. 

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